Functional Tests

I’ve partnered with some of the top functional testing companies that provide specialised tests that are not available from your GP. To best support you I only offer some tests with a full consultation, however, if you’re not ready to commit to a full consultation then some of the smaller tests are a great starting point for a quick health check to see what’s going on beneath the surface.

Test kits are sent to your home, you then send the sample back directly to the testing company (usually in a prepaid envelope). Results are emailed back to you along with a nutrition-based protocol.

If you decide that you would like more support, then you have the option of following on with a full consultation. Tests can also be added on to a consultation at the time of booking so you can start your consultation with some results.

Functional Tests

An at-home finger prick test that you return by post in the prepaid envelope, your results are emailed back to you within 7 days. Handouts to support your dietary changes can be emailed to you if needed on request. 200 food and drink ingredients tested, measuring all four subtypes of food-specific IgG. Intolerances are not the same as allergies, they are much slower to react making it harder to pinpoint the foods, whereas the symptoms of an allergic reaction are instant. Symptoms of a food intolerance are not necessarily confined to the gut, they can also cause conditions that seem unrelated such as fatigue, headaches, skin problems, anxiety, depression, weight gain etc.

Not for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, unwell, on steroids or immune suppressing medication.

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An at-home finger prick test that you return by post in the prepaid envelope, your results are emailed back to you within 7 days. Handouts to support your dietary changes can be emailed to you if needed on request. IgE reactions to 23 foods and 19 environmental allergens (contact me for a full list of allergens tested).
An at-home finger prick test that you return by post in the prepaid envelope, results are emailed back to you along with dietary recommendations. The omega-3 index measures the amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) in your red blood cell membranes. Lower levels have been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. Knowing where you are on this scale empowers you to make dietary changes to reduce your risk factors.

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This is the same as the omega-3 index above but also measures omega-6 so you can see the 3:6 ratio and work towards a better balance. Trans fat blood levels are also measured which have been associated with many health risks including cardiovascular disease. Dietary recommendations are email to you with your results.

Most diseases start with low-grade inflammation that’s happening on a cellular level that initially we can’t feel, the amount of EPA and DHA that’s in your red blood cell membrane indicates whether you’re releasing more inflammatory or anti-inflammatory compounds. The higher your EPA and DHA levels are on the index the higher the level of anti-inflammatory compounds you are producing. An affordable and easy test to start improving your health that’s recommended for everyone.

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See the Nutrigenomics page for all test information.

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A simple and non-invasive way to check your mineral and heavy metal status for the past 3 months. A small sample of hair (about 1 tsp) is required from the root area at the back of the head where the recent growth is. The sample is sent directly back to the testing company and results are emailed back to you within 10 days, the full report includes results of minerals, heavy metals, their ratios, your metabolic type, dietary and supplement recommendations.

During the growing stage the roots of the hair are exposed to blood, lymph and extra-cellular fluids which contain minerals and heavy metals. The outer layers of the hair harden as the shaft reaches the surface of the skin locking in the accumulated minerals and heavy metals where they stay as the hair continues to grow. It’s this process that allows for an accurate long-term measure of mineral and heavy metal status for that period, whereas testing blood is only a snapshot at that moment because blood is constantly changing.

Minerals are needed for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body, therefore deficiencies and excesses detected in the hair can indicate the potential for imbalances within the body and hormonal systems. There is also an inter-relationship between minerals and vitamins which can highlight the need for certain vitamins.  Heavy metals (which are mostly deposited in the hair) can disrupt metabolic functions by accumulating in vital organs and glands and displacing vital minerals hindering their biological function. Knowing your levels and ratios can enable you to make changes to improve your health and work preventatively by correcting any imbalances. Hair mineral testing is not diagnostic but a screening tool to provide additional sources of information. Therefore, it’s recommended to be done with a full consultation if you’re experiencing symptoms that you’d like help with. However, you can also do the test without including a consultation.

Not all laboratories testing hair on the internet are equal, I work with a tightly controlled FDA approved laboratory that regularly checks the accuracy of their testing.

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The following tests need to be booked with a consultation to properly support you with your results:

Microbiome Tests

Stool, vaginal, oral, and urinary system microbiome tests are available to map the balance between good and bad bacteria that may be affecting your health. All samples are done at home and posted directly to the lab for analysis using the latest PCR technology. Prices vary depending on the test.

There’s a lot of research connecting imbalances within the microbiome to many different conditions outside of the location of the microbiome being tested. For example, the connection between the oral microbiome and heart disease, the vaginal microbiome and fertility problems, the gut microbiome and: mood disorders, brain fog, weight gain, hormone imbalance, constant thrush and UTIs, skin problems, immune dysfunction, and inflammatory conditions to name a few. Microbiome tests need to be booked with a full consultation.


Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones – this is an at-home urine test taken several times throughout the day. It measures hormones and their metabolites which enables you to see which pathways the liver is using to detoxify the hormones; this can cause hormone related health problems for some people. DUTCH also measures cortisol and some organic acids so you can get a picture of adrenal function and better insight into what’s going on inside the body. Recommended for all hormonal conditions as well as monitoring HRT. Must be booked with a full consultation.

Blood Tests

Various blood tests are available ranging from at-home finger prick tests to comprehensive blood analysis by a blood draw. Most people can benefit from a detailed functional blood test which measures over 90 biomarkers helping to detect hidden dysfunction which can lead to a variety of health conditions.  A separate report is also provided which analyses your results using sophisticated AI technology linking to 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 14 macronutrient requirements, 14+ nutrient assessments and over 40 potential clinical dysfunctions. This is the most advanced blood testing on the market and is highly recommended for everyone. The blood usually has the answers, you don’t have to wait until you’re sick!  Blood tests need to be book with a full consultation, there are a range of tests to chose from and the option to add on additional markers so prices will vary.    

This is just a small sample of some of the tests that I use, others may be recommended depending on your presenting symptoms. All test results can be supported with nutritional intervention.

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