I’m Tina and I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath based in London. I’ve always had an interest in natural medicine and studied a variety of holistic therapies in my 20s such as aromatherapy, reflexology, and various massage therapies. But it wasn’t until my early 30s that I witnessed the powerful effects of nutrition on my own health that sparked my interest to study the subject in greater depth.

From early childhood I’d suffered from chronic mouth ulcers, if you’ve ever had one then you know how painful they are, I used to have clusters of them all the time which made eating and talking very painful. As a teenager I suffered from painful periods which were so bad that life stopped when my periods started. The doctors never further investigated this, I was offered painkillers and eventually was put on the contraceptive pill for the rest of my adult life. This was a great solution at the time because it treated the symptom, but it wasn’t solving the underlying cause and in the process was causing other imbalances in the background. Cystic acne was another issue I was dealing with especially on the chin which I later learnt through my training represents the reproductive system! I was diagnosed with GORD (chronic acid reflux), but the medication made me instantly sick, and I’ve since found more natural solutions to manage this condition.

Nutrition and chronic conditions

My lightbulb moment happened when I came very close to developing cancer at age 30, I had final stage pre-cancerous cells in my body that were about to turn cancerous. I woke up one morning and thought this is related to my immune system, why is my immune system not removing these cells? That one thought spiralled into a deep search for the reason why, why do I have this, and another person doesn’t? Why is my body not functioning properly? What do I need to do to optimise the function of my immune system, balance my hormones, heal and repair the mucous membranes in my mouth, or more importantly why are they there in the first place? I started to make some simple dietary changes, mainly removing processed sugar and adding in lots of fruits and vegetables, juicing, sprouting, and learning how to ferment different foods and drinks. The results were instant, I was so amazed that the chronic clusters of mouth ulcers that brought me so much pain my whole life went away and never returned! I wanted to find out more, how could nutrition be applied to other chronic conditions and what changes can I make to prevent disease from developing in the first place?

Evidence-based nutritional therapy

I decided to enrol at The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) where I could study evidence-based nutritional therapy that’s based on the functional medicine model which focusses on treating the root cause not the symptom. The body is treated as a whole (not by individual body parts like allopathic medicine) because no organ works in isolation – they are all connected and working together. This deep understanding of the inter-relationships between all the different body systems allows the practitioner to dig deep and find the root cause(s). I spent 3 years studying biomedicine, nutritional therapy, naturopathy and spent hundreds of hours gaining clinical experience. I have since returned where I’m currently furthering my studies with a PG in herbal medicine. I’ve completed the Mycotherapy Expert training with the Integrative Mycomedicine Association which is the in-depth study of medicinal mushrooms and their application for the prevention and treatment of numerous pathologies. I’ve completed training in nutrigenomics to advanced levels with Lifecode Gx and continue furthering my knowledge by completing hundreds of hours of CPD each year with leading experts in the industry.

I specialise in women’s health

I work with a variety of health conditions but have a special interest in women’s health: hormonal balance, acne, menstrual issues, perimenopause, and menopause. I also work with clients to continue their health journey after menopause with diet and lifestyle optimization to support bone, heart and gut health, weight management, blood sugar balance and general healthy ageing.

I am a life-long learner and believe it’s important to continuously study and expand my expertise so I can offer my clients the very best.


Naturopathic Nutritionist – College of Naturopathic Medicine (Dip)

Naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine (Dip)

Environmental Medicine – Dr Pizzorno (CNM)

Mycotherapy Expert – Integrative Mycomedicine Association (IMMA)

Nutrigenomics Practitioner Programme + advanced training – Lifecode GX

PG Herbal Medicine in current progress – College of Naturopathic Medicine

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